The challenge of all large public or private facilitites is to balance the need for an open atmosphere encouraging commerce, hospitality or productivity with the need to provide a secure and safe environment. It is imperative that any security measures employed enhance rather than impede business and productivity efforts.

Most facilities already employ some level of security, whether it be access control, security guards, CCTV, barriers, bollards or fences. The questions that many facilities often ask themselves however, are:

  • What are the threats faced and is the current security appropriate?
  • What are the implications of a security incident on the continuity of the business?
  • Is the security cost effective?
  • Is the security deployment effective?
  • Is there a return on the investment in security?

The threats to business continuity are constant and acute but employees or visitors to the facility expect a safe, secure and welcoming atmosphere. Security should be effective but unobtrusive, create a deterrent but not a fortress and above all, should be tailored to the threats that are relevant to each site. The expertise of the MIP Security team is to understand the threats, determine where there are vulnerabilities and to create a cost effective custom solution that relates to technology, people, procedures, training and physical security.

Most importantly, security plans and procedures should ensure not only that the impact of a security incident are minimized, but that business can continue with the minimum of interuptions.