M.I.P. Security personnel have been commissioned by a number of countries around the world to take on both general strategic planning and consulting and specific analysis and protection projects.

Government Buildings

An unfortunate reality in today’s world is that many government buildings are clear targets for protests, riots or terror attacks and authorities are constantly searching for the most effective and cost effective way of protecting their installations. M.I.P. Security personnel have worked with governments around the world to protect embassies, sensitive structures and iconic public buildings. This has included participation in the design of new buildings and the retrofitting of existing buildings with appropriate protection elements.

National Guidelines

M.I.P. Security personnel have been instrumental in the preparation of national physical protection guidelines for a government. These guidelines were subsequently adopted as a national standard. The project involved reviews of threats relevant to the region, a study of building techniques used both today and in the past and consideration to retrofits of existing buildings and guidelines for new buildings. As part of the project, M.I.P. Security personnel undertook a number of risk and threat analysis studies of sensitive locations.

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