MIP Security is at the forefront of planning and mitigation for post-pandemic security and business continuity.

Multi-site protection at government, state, city or regional level is formidably challenging. M.I.P. Security has worked on government level around the world to analyze, prioritize, plan and implement highly complex projects and to train local agencies to appropriate skills.

The possibilities for technological, physical or human solutions to security challenges are as abundant as they are diverse. M.I.P. Security team, leveraging their experience and technical expertise, will identify, plan and manage the most cost effective combination for yours sites.

The ever present threat of global terror means that saving lives and ensuring business continuity are a top priority. M.I.P. Security identifies threats, determines risks and vulnerabilities and plans and implements solutions to migrate the risk. 

M.I.P. security offers a complete strategic security assessments as a first stage to understanding how effective your current solution is and identifying vulnerabilities, potential improvements and cost savings.

MIPS Briefings and News

Working with you and your management team, we will identify cost-effective protection solutions which will provide tangible benefits to your organisation.

For Executives

Adding value to your business by ensuring efficiency, stability, continuity and peace of mind.
Whether we design protection for a new or existing building, or integrated solutions for security, building maintenance and personnel/resident monitoring, our strategic and operational consulting services will focus on:

The safety of your people.

The competitive advantage to your business.

The most cost-effective alternatives.

For Field Officers

Analysis, planning and technical services to assist you meet your goals.

Our team will provide you with training, project management, decision support tools, and professional assessments which can be used to develop business cases for investment in protection projects.

Threat and risk reports and Strategic security assessments

Prioritized implementation plan and budgets

Physical protection training

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