M.I.P. Security is active in all areas of corporate and industrial security and works closely with the senior management of multi-national companies around the world to undertake risk assessment projects and to design protection solutions.

In many cases, M.I.P. Security is involved throughout the entire lifecycle of the project including the following stages:

  1. Threat and Risk Analysis
  2. Detailed Design
  3. Installation
  4. Procedures and deployment
  5. Operation and maintenance

Following the November 2003 terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Pfizer commissioned M.I.P. Security personnel to undertake a Threat & Risk analysis for their manufacturing facilities building as the first step to upgrading the protection for their personnel and to help ensure business continuity. Following the study, a retrofit system was designed for the windows and glazing, intrusion detection systems, fences, compound security entrance design and CCTV surveillance equipment.

M.I.P.’s clients include Citigroup, BHP Billiton, Pfizer, Intel and others.