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A Little Awareness Can Go a Long Way

The increase in ‘lone wolf’ cold and hot weapon and vehicle ramming attacks in public places in general and in places of worship in particular, is a phenomenon that unfortunately will continue to challenge security agencies. Those charged with accurately collecting and analyzing intelligence have unsuccessfully been trying to predict events that by their nature are typically not coordinated within a terror organization and so do not raise the necessary red flags. This makes it extremely difficult to foil the attacks. Nevertheless, as we have seen several times, the mitigation of the outcomes from events is very much influenced [...Read More...]

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Insights on The Increasing Threat of Drones

Nicolas Maduro seen prior to the attack and as Security guards protect him as he is evacuated from the scene. On Saturday August 4, 2018, 1730 (local time) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reportedly survived what appeared to be an assassination attempt after several drone explosions interrupted his speech at a celebration of the 81st anniversary of the National Guard. According to reports (AP News), Authorities said that two drones, each packed with a kilogram of C-4 plastic explosive, were aimed at the stage where Maduro, his wife and a slate of the nation’s highest-ranking government leaders were [...Read More...]

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