M.I.P. Security was commissioned to undertake a project for a large organization covering 47 sites in a major world capital city. The aim was to determine the priorities and budget required for upgrading the security across all sites, recognizing that there would be limited resources.

Meetings were held with the local law-enforcement and anti-terror agencies to determine the relevant list of threats and meetings were also held with the client’s management to determine the perceived priorities. After initial data collection, an individual survey was undertaken of each site and then a priority report based on the consolidated information from all the sites.

Summary of recommendations

The results of the study were detailed in a final report with recommendations and were presented in a prioritized budget. The graph below provides a visual representation of the total investment required for each site. This report was a valuable decision support tool which allowed the management of the organization to allocate resources according to an empirical formula and assessment rather than an emotive or subjective review of the requirements.