The purpose of the course is to familiarize the participants with the terror related environment and threats, so that they will be able to perform to their everyday tasks having a basic understanding of terror and attack methods and be able to act in emergency according to procedures, hopefully minimizing the shock effect typical for these events. This is meant to allow the relevant staff members to be a force multiplier to an organization’s security operation both in routine and emergency.


  • One 3-hour session


  • This course is ideal for an organization to offer for all its staff
  • A general introduction aimed at all staff levels who deal with both routine activities and also events and crowd management.
  • An extended audience outside the organization could include cleaning contractors, shop/stall operations, maintenance staff , event volunteers, reception staff , event & venue staff.


The list below can be tailored for the organization:

  • What is security awareness
  • The Cycle of Attack
  • Threats and modus operandi – past, current and future
  • The attacker’s mindset
  • Recognition and response
  • Security irregularity reporting
  • Security proactivity
  • Case studies
  • What we need from you in routine and emergencies


By the end of the webinar, participants will have a basic knowledge and understanding of relevant threats and will be able to serve as another set of eyes, thereby expanding the reach of the organization’s security program across its sites and crowded places.

Our Participants Speak...

The instructor’s knowledge, experience and anecdotes provide context to the objectives he aims to deliver. Despite the Australian threat environment differing from those overseas, the methodology and techniques remain relevant and current. The risk assessment process in broken down into simple steps and identifies to the ‘real’ risks, not those highlighted by the hype of the media or government.

Highly recommend the training and I’m certainly interested in other material MIP has to offer.

Brilliantly relevant with an approach to likelihood that makes a lot of sense and cuts through the indecision often associated with undertaking risk assessments in relation to terrorism. So many stories and videos that made it all very real.

Excellent introduction into Methodologies & Techniques in security planning. The course provided an excellent base on which to build my abilities to conduct an assessment.

The training exceed my initial expectations. What I learned will have a huge impact on how I now look at and do my job. I wish I had more time in a day to be able to get everything done aI thought about and wrote down during the course. I would love to attend any future courses that may be arranged. I learned so much and enjoyed the week and appreciated the knowledge and expertise of the Instructor.