Uzi More
Uzi MorePresident and Founder
Uzi is a pre-eminent expert on security and protection. He founded M.I.P. Security in 1996 having completed an extended period of service with a security arm of the Israeli Government. His vast experience in terrorist-related threat and risk analysis, together with the varied security projects he has led around the globe allow him to call upon a wealth of experience and resources for his clients.

Uzi was a founding partner of MYY Ltd and one of the founders of the International Physical Security Forum and as such enjoys a global reputation. He has been responsible for the detailed design and implementation of security projects for a number of Israeli government compounds and works with corporations and government agencies around the world.

As an explosives expert and mechanical engineer, Uzi was in charge of a series of full scale blast tests of the effects of car bombs against buildings. He has also tested physical security products for a number of Israeli and other governmental departments. Uzi completed his government service with the rank of colonel, holds a Master of Science and a degree in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University, and degrees in Economic and Management Studies and Mechanical Engineering.

Arye Kasten
Arye KastenChief Executive Officer
Arye is a captain (reserve) in an Israeli Defense Forces Special Forces combat unit, and completed his service in the Israeli Foreign Ministry Security Division where he was head of security at Israeli Embassies in Beijing and the Baltic States. While in China, he oversaw the security aspects of the construction of a new state-of-the-art diplomatic compound in 2002.

Prior to joining M.I.P. Security, Arye was the Head of Project Management and Training for MYY Ltd, where he executed threat and risk analysis projects and participated in protection concept design and planning for corporate clients and governments around the globe. He planned and ran training courses and seminars in a number of security related projects and has been an invited speaker at many conferences.

Arye is intimately familiar with the Asia Pacific region where he continues to be actively involved in many M.I.P. Security projects. He is an expert in tailoring security programs which incorporate human resources recruitment and training, physical security and procedures.