M.I.P. Security personnel have participated in threat & risk analysis and design projects for bridges, buses, stations, airports, border crossings and trains. We have also conducted blast tests on a number of bus designs to determine the optimum materials and configuration to increase survivability.

Projects have included:

  • A threat and risk analysis for a S.E. Asian country’s major border crossing including detailed design for enhancing the protection level. This turnkey project included analysis, design, engineering, implementation and project management.
  • Design of the perimeter protection line for the three main sea ports in Israel including the design and testing of an anti-ramming fence line and sophisticated detection systems.
  • Detailed design of the physical security for seven Israeli border crossings. The physical design included structural analysis, design of protected inspection points, forced entry doors and windows, car barriers and check points, and special protected areas. One crossing was built such that no security personnel are in close contact with the people coming through.
  • Design of airport perimeter security for a number of Asian airports.
  • Threat & risk analysis for the New Jersey Driscoll bridge system.
  • Threat & risk analysis for an underground station in a S.E. Asian country.
  • Physical security design for the train & bus terminal in Israel.